Advent Calendar Activities

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, even though I’ve been really excited about sharing with you!  I figured, though, I’d better wait until after Thanksgiving before I started posting about Christmas.  But with one holiday behind us, let’s look ahead to the next!

December is one of my favorite months.  I love all the fun family time that goes into Christmas planning and all the activities of the season.  I am a giver by nature, so when the whole community seems to turn, if only for a few days, toward a time of giving and sharing, I am on it!

Last year, my aunt pinned a homemade advent calendar on Pinterest and I jokingly told her that she needed to make me one.  Lo and behold!  Guess what was under the tree for me last year?!?  It is AWESOME to have crafty aunts, y’all!  Just look at the detail…

She included a set of blank cards so that I could make up my own list of advent activities.

The only bad thing was that I had to wait a year to use it!  But that year is UP, Baby!  I have been working on my list, and I can’t wait for my girls and I to get started!

I wrote my list (see below), and wrote them all out onto the cards.

And then put them in the calendar and numbered them.

Can I just say, I love, love, love my advent calendar!!

And I’m super excited about our list of activities too!  I tried to come up with a list with a good mix of Christmas fun and service activities.  I want my kids to feel like this season is not about getting, but about giving of their time and talent.  Without further ado…

Advent Activities

1 – Make a Christmas Garland

2 – Read a Christmas book

3 – Make tamales with Lita

4 – Make a Fabric Wreath

5 – Cut out paper snowflakes

6 – Write notes to your Bible School Teachers telling them what you appreciate about them.

7 – Leave an encouraging note in a friend’s driveway using sidewalk chalk.

8 –  Pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks line.

9 – Tape quarters with a kind note onto a bubble gum machine.

10 – Make Christmas Goodies in the kitchen with Nana.

11 – Go to the local HS Band’s Holiday concert.

12 – Attend/Perform in the Christmas Musical at Church.

13 – Drink hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights (while listening to Christmas songs, of course).

14 – See how many candy canes you can pass out to people (strangers and not) in one day.  (church office, librarians, bank tellers, etc).

15 – Send a text message to 20 people with a picture and a funny holiday greeting.

16 – Draw a Christmas picture

17 – Make/Decorate Gingerbread houses

18 – Make a double meal for dinner and take one to another family who could use the help.

19 – Read a Christmas book.

20 – Wrap Presents

21 – Bake something yummy and take it to a widow.

22 – Roast mini-marshmallows over the gas stove

23 – Make popcorn and watch your favorite Christmas movie

24 – Read the story of Jesus’ birth.


Happy Advent!!

~Mama Tutu

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