Hello and welcome!  We are best friends Amanda and Laura who share authorship of this little place on the web.  When we were looking for a name for the blog, we considered several options, but finally settled on “Trains and Tutus” because (at the time) Amanda had 3 boys (now 4!) and Laura had three girls.  So, we became Mama Train and Mama Tutu.


Our friendship began at the age of 7, where we attended church together in a small town. Along with both our future husbands, we attended our first mission trip together as teenagers. We stood in each other’s weddings, which were held a month apart. Through the last 30 years we have remained close, and now, even though we no longer live in the same town, our friendship is stronger than ever.


Together, we bring many life experiences to the table… roots in Christian homes, being married young, working through marital strife, marital bliss, financial peace/lack thereof, teaching in the public school system, ectopic pregnancies, “normal” pregnancies, childbirth, miscarriage, infertility, adoption, foster parenting, parenting girls, parenting boys, being stay-at-home moms, being working moms, having medical issues, surviving cancer, children with allergies, yo-yo fitness, owning a business, homeschooling, public-schooling, scrapbooking, sewing, meal-planning, cooking, photography and most importantly, striving to live Godly lives. We hope that by sharing some of these life experiences and perspectives with you, we will continue to grow, bless and encourage anyone who chooses to join us on the adventure that is life.  We welcome you along for the ride! Where else can you find us on the web?

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Trains & Tutus