31 Days of Proverbs

2012 – 31 Days of Proverbs

In October, I am joining The Nesting Place and women across the blogosphere in starting a 31 Day series of posts on a specific topic.  Always up for a challenge, I knew when I read about it that it was something I wanted to participate in.  I also wanted it to be a time of personal challenge, but something that would be either helpful or encouraging to others as well.  I started thinking of topics.  What did I have so much to say about that I could write about it for 31 days in a row?  And even more importantly, what would the readers besides my ever-faithful mother (love you, Mom!) want to hear about for that long without getting bored?  In the end, I decided to go with something “safe” and chose Proverbs.  After all, there are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, so it lends itself nicely to the 31 days theme.    So, for the month of October, I will read a chapter of Proverbs each day and share a thought.  Hopefully, related to something I read in the chapter.  I decided to add this page as a landing page, for anyone wanting links to the whole series at once.

Proverbs 1
Proverbs 2
Proverbs 3
Proverbs 4
Proverbs 5
Proverbs 6
Proverbs 7
Proverbs 8
Proverbs 9
Proverbs 10
Proverbs 11
Proverbs 12
Proverbs 13
Proverbs 14
Proverbs 15
Proverbs 16
Proverbs 17
Proverbs 18
Proverbs 19
Proverbs 20
Proverbs 21
Proverbs 22
Proverbs 23
Proverbs 24
Proverbs 25
Proverbs 26
Proverbs 27
Proverbs 28
Proverbs 29
Proverbs 30
Proverbs 31