31 Days of New Recipes ~ Snickerdoodle Cake

SnickerdoodleCakeI may have mentioned before how much I love snickerdoodles.  They’re one of my favorite cookies.  So, when I saw the recipe for this cake, I was intrigued, and pinned it immediately.  Brown sugar buttercream?  Sounds like a little bit of heaven.

Original Recipe:  Snickerdoodle Cake with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream by Foodie with Family.

Modifications:  None.  I followed the recipe to a T.  I am not a baker, so I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve made a cake with more than two layers.  I was a little worried, to tell you the truth, that this would just turn into a huge mess and have to be thrown out.  The original author wrote a great list of “tips” to help things turn out well, and I tried to follow them all.

Procedure:  This was definitely out of my comfort zone.  All that measuring and trying to be precise was difficult on this mama who usually just tosses in a little of this and a little of that.  Actually following the directions wasn’t too hard, though, and I was pretty pleased with myself as it all came together.  Even though the recipe says 1 hour, it really takes about 3-4 when you factor in time for cooling and refrigeration.

Verdict:  First, I must tell you how absolutely impressed with myself I was that this cake looked so pretty.  I mean, just look at it…

SnickerdoodleCake2Aren’t you impressed?

So, the icing… out of this WORLD.  My eldest tasted it, and promptly busted out with the Hallelujah Chorus.  I let the cake sit in the fridge overnight before serving it, to make sure the layers didn’t slide around.  The scrap pieces of cake that I leveled off for the layers and ate warm were quite moist, but I felt like the refrigeration took out a little of the moisture, maybe?  Hubby and I both thought it was a little dry.  It could have been that I just didn’t let it sit out of the fridge long enough before devouring a piece.  Other than that, it was fabulous but VERY rich.  A little went a long way.   In fact, when I was done eating it, I had a sudden craving for some salad… my tastebuds were screaming for me to eat something a little more healthy.  (Did I mention the recipe uses 6.5 sticks of butter?!?!?!)

My oldest declared it the best cake I’ve ever made (not a huge feat, considering how few cakes I make, I suppose).  My middle liked it, but didn’t finish her piece (too sweet).  The  youngest didn’t even try it because she doesn’t care for sweets unless the word “chocolate” is in the title.  I loved the snickerdoodle flavor, and did I mention the icing?  Swoon.

Would I make it again?  Maybe.  I have a lot of other tasty desserts in my repertoire that are much simpler to make in half the time, so it probably won’t become a “go-to,” but it might be worth the effort again for a special occasion.

This is Day 3 of a 31 day series on actually cooking recipes I’ve pinned.
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