31 Days of New Recipes ~ Braided Pie Crust

PieCrustTechnically, this is not a recipe so much as it is a technique, but it’s something else that’s been pinned for a LONG time on my recipe board and sat there neglected.

Original Idea:  Braided Edge by Martha Stewart (you have to scroll to the third image)

Modifications:  None.  Although I’m pretty sure Martha would scoff at the use of a pre-made, refrigerated pie crust.  Oh well.  It’s how I roll.

Procedure:  I tried the braid two different ways.  One, just crossing the strands over without twisting, and the other while twisting each time.  I ended up using the braid I’d made the second way, because it had fewer spaces in-between the braid and looked more even.

Verdict:  While I agree it looks cool, this was just way to tedious for my taste.  Just prick it with a fork all along the edges and be done with it.  Much quicker and simpler.  I might do this for a special occasion to make it look like I’d spent hours on the pie, but for everyday baking, I don’t see fancy braided crusts in my near future.

This is Day 5 of a 31 day series on actually cooking recipes I’ve pinned.
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