31 Days of Music: Praise Team


In the congregation where we are members, my husband and I both serve on the “Praise Team”.  This term probably has different meanings in different churches, so I thought ‘d explain a little bit about what we do.  First and foremost, we are not performers.  We never grace the stage or sing alone.  We take up two rows in the front of a side section, and we have 2-3 people per part each week on a microphone as we sing along with the rest of the congregation.   This helps others in the auditorium “hear” their parts if they don’t know a song, as we sing in 4-part harmony without instrumental accompaniment.

Southeast is blessed with a large enough group of talented singers that we have three different teams that rotate weeks.  On the week that we sing, we attend both first and second service, where the service and songs are repeated.  On Wednesday nights, we have Praise Team practice — also known as the “singing class,” where we go over the songs that will be sung on Sunday and usually other songs — sometimes learning new music, or just singing old songs we know and love.

Being a part of this group is such a blessing to me.  There is not much I love more than singing praises with a group of singers in four-part harmony..


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