31 Days of Music: “Me”

If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you know that my three girls were in a performance of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. this past summer.  (My oldest was Belle — she rocked it).  So, it’s no surprise that we spent lots of time on YouTube watching various theatre clips.  In the full version of Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast, there is a song that Gaston sings during the marriage proposal.  Sadly, it isn’t in the Junior version.  I wish it was, because it is SO. FUNNY.  We came across this clip, performed by Jeremy Davidson and Sarah Whitney at McMoran at the Port Huron Civic Theatre, and they just do such an amazing job.  Please take a moment to watch.

What did you think?  I wish my Belle and her Gaston had been able to perform this.  It would have been hilarious.


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