31 Days of Music: Les Miserables

lesmis2When Kevin and I went to New York, the second Broadway show we were fortunate enough to see was Les Miserables.  When we left, his comment was “THIS is what I think of when I think of a Broadway production”.  The sets were massive.  The barricade at the end was amazing.  The music, again, was phenomenal.

The thing with musical theatre is that in shows like this, there is very little dialogue.  It helps you keep up with what’s going on if you know a little bit of the plot summary going in.  Watching the musical actually made me want to go read the original book by Victor Hugo.  Of course, it’s something like 1500 pages, so it might take me a while…

LesMisIt’s one of my new favorites, and I’ve been playing the soundtrack a lot lately.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite musical?


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