31 Days of Music: Chicago the Musical


One of the days we were in New York, we had the opportunity to fit a late show into our schedule.  Since we bought tickets at the TKTS booth the day of, we had to choose from several shows that had a later start time.  We chose Chicago.  My husband and I had both seen the movie version, but that was about the extent of our exposure to this particular musical.

ChicagoWhat I liked:

  • The music.  Of course, the music.  It was fabulous… and all that Jazz.
  • Related to the music was the fact that the orchestra was on the stage, like it was part of the show.  They were set up as a sort of jazz band set in a night club.  I thought it was a neat way to incorporate the musicians.  The actors even interacted with the conductor at times. Very cool.
  • The minimalist feel.  The set consisted of a big wedge-looking thing that the musicians sat at, and then some chairs that were moved around as the performers needed them.  That was it.  No gigantic scene changes.  Because of this, they did a lot of mood-setting/scene-changing with lighting effects, so that was interesting.
  • The choreography was stunning.  There are some major athletic dancers working in this cast.  I enjoyed watching the dance numbers.

What I didn’t like:

  • The costumes.  As with the set, the costumes were, *a-hem*, minimal.  The girls were scantily clad in what appeared to be mostly underwear and fishnet.  Definitely not something I would take my children to see, and I was glad we weren’t too close to the stage either, because I may have been tempted to hide my husband’s eyes during some of those high-kicks!

So, overall I thought it was great — just not something I would choose to take the family to.  The costumes and subject matter aren’t exactly family-friendly.



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