31 Days of Music: Beats Music


What do you use the most to listen to music?

Me?  I have over 3000 files in iTunes, but sometimes I still want to listen to things I don’t own.  For that, I turn to Beats Music.  There is a monthly fee of $15 that goes on our AT&T bill, but it’s a family plan that accomodates up to 5 users, so it’s like paying $3 per person, per month to listen to whatever you want.  Not too bad in my opinion, considering that’s the cost of about 2 songs on iTunes.  Some cool features of Beats:

  • You can make your own playlists.
  • You can download the music directly to your phone so that you can play music when you aren’t on Wi-fi and not use up your data.
  • The more music you play, the better your customized suggestions get.
  • You can play any song you want, not just a “genre”.
  • It has a cool “sentence” feature to help you find music to listen to.  Example:


I know there are different streaming options that are probably equally as cool, but this is the one I use and am familiar with, so I just thought I’d share!



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