31 Days of Music: Band Memories

Heels… Together

Shoulders… Back

Chest… Out

Head… Up

Chin… In

Eyes… With Pride

Eyes… With Pride!

Eyes… With Pride!!

So, yeah.  That was a quick little trip down memory lane right there.  In high school, our band was called the “Angleton Purple Pride.”  At the time, the Angleton band was a 300-member military-styled marching band, and there were lots of traditions involved, including the above little chant to remind us how to stand at attention.

One of the best things about being in marching band was that we didn’t have to take a P.E. class.  To me, that was huge, but looking back at all the hours we spent marching  both after school and during summer band… I might have sweat less if I had just taken P.E.  Of course, that wasn’t why I was in band, but honestly, the non-marching part of the year was more my style.  I liked concert season better.  I did all the things — region band, solo & ensemble, etc.

I played clarinet, which I still enjoy listening to when it’s played well.    Most of my friends were also in band.  In fact, it’s where I met my future spouse.  :)

I leave you with a marching favorite that had some crazy clarinet parts.  Ah, the memories…


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