31 Days of Menu Planning: Picky Eaters

So, here’s the question one might be thinking:  “All this meal plan stuff is fine and good, but my child won’t eat anything except chicken nuggets and/or mac and cheese, so what’s the point?”  Honey believe me, I feel your pain!  My youngest child has a ton of food allergies and just as many foods that she pretty much refuses to eat.

Having about 12 years of practice feeding a picky eater has cycled me through several camps of thinking on how to deal with the picky child.  I can tell you what we do, but when it comes to parenting, I’ve learned that on some issues there is no right or wrong answer and who am I to judge?!  So here are some different ways you can handle it.  Each of these scenarios assumes that you have provided some sort of food on the dinner table that the child is not allergic to and can safely eat without causing them any sort of physical harm.

They Eat What You Fix or They Don’t Eat. This is the hard core route. They can eat what you fixed or choose not to eat. No snacking should happen after dinner either because they’re hungry.

Plan Ahead and Fix the Picky Child a Separate Dish. You eat the yummy food and they eat what they’re happy to eat. No fighting ensues.

They’re on Their Own. Assuming they are old enough to do so, if they don’t like what you have provided, they are welcome to fix something reasonable for themselves. This option also includes cleaning up any additional mess they make in the kitchen.

So there you have it. Three options. I’ve done all three many times – you just have to choose how far you’re willing to go to accommodate their picky-ness.  But the key is to PLAN for it!  Happy Planning!

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