31 Days of Meal Planning: Why Meal Plan?

Hey friends!  I’m joining the fellowship of ladies at write31days.com and committing to write one blog post for each day in October.  Every year when I begin thinking of a topic I could write about for 31 days in a row, I ask what’s something that either a) I have a passion for or b) something that will challenge me to be better.  I feel like my topic this year embraces both of those.  I am a planner by nature.  I don’t like surprises or last minute, spur of the moment anything.  When it comes to planning meals, if I don’t have a plan this is what happens:

  • We eat out more.  Which results in spending more money than we should and usually on less healthy foods than we would eat at home.
  • I go to the store hungry just looking for the next meal and I make poor food choices.
  • I just get more stressed out overall.

I’ve definitely been through seasons of my life where I’m better at this than others.  I go in cycles.  But out of necessity, this season of my life I’ve had to be on my meal-planning game.

Recently, I realized that planning meals isn’t something that comes easy to everyone, and that some people would prefer to have someone else hand them a pre-assembled list of meals and groceries.  So, for this next month, I’m going to be talking a little bit about undaunting ways to do your own meal planning and also, I’ll be giving you several weeks worth of meal plans and grocery lists that are already assembled that all you have to do is follow.  Hopefully, you’ll find something helpful!  Come back and find out!


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  1. Linda October 1, 2017 at 5:33 pm #

    Hi Laura, I’m here from write 31 days, and my topic, also involves food, recipes, tips, etc. I used to meal plan in the past, and I agree that it is super helpful. I’m currently not in meal planning mode, but would like to get back to that for all the reasons you stated. I look foward to your posts.

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