31 Days of Meal Planning – Staying Motivated

So, you have all these menu-planning tips and goals.  How are you going to stay motivated?

Don’t let one setback ruin you.  We all fall short.  Life happens, and we aren’t going to be able to stick to the plan 100% of the time.  Be flexible, but don’t abandon the plan altogether.

Remember your “Why.”  What is your purpose for planning your meals?  To save money?  To feed your family healthier meals?  To just be on top of things and not scrambling every night?  Whatever it is, remember that.  When you feel like quitting or giving up this way of planning, remember why you did it in the first place and see if it’s worth it.

Mix it up.  Part of the fun of planning meals is that you don’t have to fall into the same routine making the same meals over and over again unless you want to.  Spice it up.  Literally.  Play with different spices.  Try new things.  Branch out.

Post your menu.  I have a chalkboard in my kitchen where I have my weekly meal plan written out every week.  I like it because it’s pretty, but also because it helps keep me accountable.

Invite others to help you.  If planning meals begins to feel like too much of a chore, shake it up.  Ask someone for meal inspiration.  Have your kids plan a week of meals.  Look for ways to have others help you and keep you motivated.

I believe in you!  Let me know what works best to keep you motivated.

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