31 Days of Meal Planning – Kids in the Kitchen

There are lots of great ways to include your children in the kitchen.  You can start with including them in meal planning.  Ask for their input.  Have “cooking contests”.  Encourage them to be creative in the kitchen.  Kids love that.  I have found that when kids are more involved in planning and making the meals, the less complaining happens at the dinner table!

When it comes to actually cooking, there are still things kids can help with.  Grating cheese, shucking corn, peeling potatoes, mixing, and even chopping things, depending on their age.

Pancakes were some of the first things that all three of my kids could cook themselves.  From mixing the batter to learning to flip the pancakes, it’s a great process for kids to get started with.

Of course, as they get older, you can give your kids more responsibilities.  Mine are old enough that if I leave them with instructions, they can pretty much cook things on their own.  My middle daughter makes a mean omelet!  Now if only they would learn to clean up after themselves…

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