31 Days of Meal Planning – Dining Out

We go through cycles in our life where we go out to eat more often than others.  Lately, we haven’t been eating out that much, which I’m realizing I actually prefer.  Of course, when I was working full time we ate out a lot more because there were lots of nights I just didn’t feel like cooking after a long day.  But currently, I have no excuse, so we eat at home.  Also, I feel like it’s just such a hassle to pick a place to eat lately… each family member seems to have a different opinion on where we should go, and we just end up arguing and unhappy.  I’d rather just avoid it.

If you are a family that likes to dine out, make sure to plan for that in your meal plan.  It’s terrible to buy all the food for your meals only to have them go to waste in your fridge because you chose to eat out instead of cook in.

When you do eat out less, it makes going out all that more special.  Take time to savor and enjoy your meal!  Make sure it’s something you can enjoy as a splurge and not something you can make your own version better at home!

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