30 Days of Lists: Lists 21-25

List 21:  Things to do this Spring
1.  Watch my garden grow.  Yay!
2.  Celebrate daughter #2′s birthday.
3.  Request our pool tags for the neighborhood swimming pool.
4.  Spring Cleaning… continue to purge and organize
5.   Take more walks

List 22:  Today I saw…
1.  My wonderful mother.
2.  The dove pair nesting in our tree.
3.  Lots of strawberries.
4.  A cute “Welcome to Our Garden” sign at Hobby Lobby ~ but I resisted and it is still there.
5.  The Sonic menu.  I ordered a Large Diet Dr. Pepper, for the record.

List 23:  Guilty Pleasures
1. Cadbury Caramel Eggs
2. Starbucks Holiday drink ~ Caramel Brulee Latte.
3. The Twilight Series books ~ read them all in 2 weeks
4. Watching chick flicks late at night by myself on my computer or iPad.
5. Quiet “Me” time ~ rare moments of solitude.

List 24:  I Make Lists For…
1.  Groceries
2.  Chores
3.  Schoolwork
4.  Christmas Cards
5.  Packing

List 25:  Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now
1.  Enjoying a clean house.  (Ha!)
2.  Out on a date with hubby.
3.  Relaxing in a warm bath.
4.  Writing a more meaningful post.
5.  Getting caught up on my scrapbooks.  (It’s been a LONG time…)

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