30 Days of Lists (Days 6-10)

List 6:  Least Favorite Words
1.  Can’t
2.  Stupid
3.  ”F” word that rhymes with “art”.  Can’t even write it.
4.  Racial/Derogatory slurs
5.  very, truly, really — are these REALLY necessary??

List 7: Blog Goals
1.  Keep it real
2.  Write frequenlty
3.  Keep it interesting & relevant
4.  Don’t dominate the posts — although in my defense, Mama Train has 2 toddlers and a 5 year old, and mine are a little more independent, so it’s easier for me to write posts than for her to right now.
5.  Encourage and don’t be negative

List 8: In My Bag
1.  Wallet
2.  Epipen & Benadryl
3.  Cell phone
4.  Random receipts
5.  Camera

List 9:  Favorite Websites/Blogs
1.  Facebook
2.   Etsy
3.  Google Reader (I currently subscribe to 104 blogs, and try to weed down frequently, but I keep adding too… so many good things out there – it would not be fair to narrow down to my favorite blog).
4.  Amazon
5.  Sonlight Forums

List 10: Wishlist
1. A clutter free house
2.  An abundant garden (hoping I don’t KILL everything!!)
3. Kids who mind all the time (what, it’s a wishlist, right?)
4.  A flour mill
5.  To be debt-free


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  1. Joy March 18, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Hmmm…..would that “F” word be fart? Fart, fart, fart! LOL! ;)

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