2012 vs. Mama Train

Happy New Year!!

I’d like to quickly share my 2012 Goals with you……..so that you can hold me accountable!

1. Read the Bible in 90 Days – So much happened in 2011, and unfortunately I let my Bible reading fall by the wayside.  I am so excited to read through the Bible with Papa Train!

2. Get organized – I’d like to create a household notebook like Mama Tutu’s AND I’d like to get my family on a schedule so that we can be better stewards of our time.

3. Lose the BABY WEIGHT! (and the Christmas cookie weight……and all the other weight I’ve been packing on the last few years) – I know; very cliche, BUT I need to be able to wear all those clothes in my closet.  I hate shopping! (Below: A picture of me 3 years ago. Sigh.)

4. Maintain an exercise routine – Yep; this one’s very cliche, too. Let’s face it: I am the mother of FOUR boys.  I need to be able to keep up with them.  I’m not getting any younger.

5. Blog more – This one will make Mama Tutu and Papa Train very happy.  Maybe they’ll stop telling me, “You need to blog.”  Love yall!


I always get excited about starting new goals, but I also get scared that I will fail.  Probably because many times in the past I DID FAIL!  One of the leaders of the congregation I worship at said this morning that we fail at reaching our goals because we are weak humans.  We can’t do it on our own.  He reminded us that we can only do great things by the Spirit of God working in us.  So. True.

Let’s get this thing started!!!

~Mama Train

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