10 Reasons to Keep A Pediatrician

StethascopeWhen you have 4 children, the pediatrician’s office is a place you visit often. Sometimes twice in one week! With my boys, I have visited several pediatricians over the years, and I feel like I’m sort of an expert when it comes to identifying a good one.

So, here is my list of the Top 10 Reasons You Should Keep A Pediatrician. I know this implies that you can fire a pediatrician. You CAN do that. I have. :)

10. There is a television in the waiting room showing Disney Junior or PBS Kids. It is hard enough taking my 4 children out in public alone. Some television (a.k.a. Kid Crack) is always appreciated!

9. Friendly nurses who call your children by name. I know that you see hundreds of kiddos, but it is comforting to my boys when you remember their names and act happy to see them. It makes me happy, too.

8. The office staff/nurses don’t talk to me like I’m a moron when I call in a fuss because my baby cries constantly. Sometimes, I just need a sympathetic ear and reassurance that this will pass, eventually.

7. I am in and out of your office within an hour. There aren’t enough snacks or cool iPhone/Pad apps that can keep my boys happy for more than hour. Do us all a favor and get us out of there ASAP!

6. There are toys/books/chalkboards in the exam room for my boys to play with while we wait in your tiny exam room. Waiting in that tiny room with 4 children, with at least one of them sick, can be the longest 15 minutes of your life.

5. You speak to my boys, give them high fives, ask them if they have been behaving, notice that their muscles are getting bigger, eat their fruit snacks, and tell them they are good, strong, cool, etc. If you take a few minutes to make them feel special, they will have no problem with you looking in their throats, ears and noses and you listening to their chests. A little kindness goes a long way with kids!

4. You listen. Really listen to me as I explain my concerns. I know that I didn’t spend years and years studying medicine like you. BUT, I am their Momma who is with them 24/7, and I actually know what I’m talking about.

3. You take the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment in a way I can understand. I hate leaving the doctors office feeling like I have no idea what is going on.

2. You don’t mind checking my kid out for something I’m worried about even though you strongly feel that there is no need to worry. I realize nose bleeds are common. But, until I know it’s not something serious, I won’t sleep!

1. You take the time to tell me that I am doing a good job as a parent. Coming from you, that will keep me going for weeks; until the next time I see you!

This list is dedicated to the world’s best pediatrician, Dr. Moore! We miss you!

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